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Activities on Boa Vista 


Boa Vista literally means 'beautiful view', and this really shows because of the various landscapes which are very special. In a short amount of time you can have the feeling that you have been to different countries. How is this possible?

There is a long Sahara desert, going on to a Wild West landscape. This will lead you to beautiful white beaches with clear turquoise blue water. From rugged moon like landscapes with a palm-tree here and there going on to little villages with colourful houses where you can see chickens, goats and donkeys roaming around freely on the streets. This will give you a feeling that you have gone back in time.

Another special highlight is the capital Sal Rei. Here you will find a mixture  of Cape Verdeans, Africans, Europeans and tourists. Because of this you get a fun, worldly atmosphere. Boa Vista is a bit more unique because it is still a bit unknown to the mass tourism. Experience the local culture and get a good impression of the daily Cape Verdean life.


There is a lot to discover and there are many ways to do that. Here you will find all the possibilities so you can choose the activity that suits you best.


You can choose to join one of our tours and be guided by a local expert or to go out on your own and make the route by yourself.



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