Sao Vicente island, Cape Verde

Step foot on the most musical island of Cape Verde. Sao Vicente is the cultural centre of the country and the home of artists, writers, painters and great musicans. Breath in the Cape Verdean hospitality Morabeza as you wander around the colorful city Mindelo. It's a busy city but the tropical, island life stays in the air. Life is lived at a slower tempo and the streetlife is very alive and charming. After a walk in town it's time to relax on the main beach Laginhatake a seat with a local drink and enjoy your vacation. 

Landscape of São Vicente

São Vicente island is characterised by impassable mountain areas, hidden sand beaches, inactive volcano views and steep rocky coastlines. The land is dry as even the highest peak (Monte Verde, 774m) is not high enough to stop the clouds moisture from falling down and irrigate the landscape. Due to the dry lands, Sao Vicente was settled much later than the other islands. The sheltered harbour of Mindelo was often used by pirates as a hiding location, but the first real settlement only came in 1794.


Rocky coastline views


The main activity on the island happens in its capital city Mindelo. The vibrant city with nearly 80.000 inhabitants is the beating trading centre of the Northern islands. The Mindelo bay lays in a sunken volcano crater that shelters the only marine harbour of the country. Her unique character comes from its musical and architectural heritage. Nowhere in Cape Verde are as many colonial buildings and musicans as here. The artistic city will inspire and show you the diverse Cape verdian culture. Home of artists, musicians, foreign investors and business men who formed the city to todays metropolis. 

During your stay in São Vicent most visitors stay in Mindelo. The city is safe and has various tourist apartments, resedentials, restaurants and places of interest. 


Laginha beach in Mindelo

Transport in São Vicente

Getting around Mindelo city is safe and not expensive. The taxi's are white and clearly marked. In the daytime you pay 150 CVE for a drive in town and 200 CVE at night. From the airport to Mindelo the price is 1000 CVE (2021). If you want to see more of the island, we from Cabo Mundo advice you to go on an island tour or rent a car. Contact us for more details.