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The  remote flower island

Delve deep into the heart of Cape Verde at Brava, a sanctuary for the arts and a haven for creatives. Brava resonates with the same energy and "Morabeza" - the inherent warmth of Cape Verdean hospitality - just like its counterpart, São Vicente. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of life in Brava's capital, Mindelo. The city pulses with tropical vibes and enchanting street scenes, beckoning you to join the local rhythm.


Faja d'Aguã

Mindelo, Brava’s bustling epicentre, is home to around 75,000 souls. As the trade hub for the northern Barlavento islands, it’s the nucleus of commerce and culture. Mindelo is steeped in music and architectural brilliance.


Breathtaking Terrains of Brava: Brava's landscape is a symphony of stark mountain terrains, concealed sandy beaches, dormant volcanic backdrops, and jagged coastlines. The arid terrain means rain is scarce, with even the tallest mountain, Monte Verde, failing to harness cloud moisture for the land. Yet, Brava boasts pristine white shores and the alluring natural pool of Baia das Gatas. For those looking to dip in, caution is advised; certain spots can be treacherous.

History tells us that Brava’s dry land meant settlers arrived later than on other islands. Mindelo’s Bay, once a pirate refuge, became the island’s first significant settlement in 1794. Today, it’s the crown jewel of Cape Verde's maritime activity.

Brava’s Must-Visit Spots

  • Mindelo: Dive deep into its rich history or wander the lively neighbourhoods of Ribeira Bote & Monte Sossego.

  • Calhau: A tranquil fishing enclave dotted with volcanic formations and overlooking the deserted island of Santa Luzia.

  • Vulcão Viana: This dormant volcano near Calhau stands as a sentinel of time. With a preserved crater, it’s a hiker's paradise.

  • Monte Verde: Ascend to the island’s pinnacle. The summit gifts visitors with a mesmerizing bird's-eye view of Mindelo and the rugged eastern shores.

  • Baia das Gatas: Perfect for sun-seekers, this village hosts the acclaimed Baia das Gatas music fest. Its natural pool is a haven for families.

  • Sao Pedro: This evolving fishing town boasts beachside eateries. Watersport enthusiasts, particularly windsurfers and bodyboarders, will find their nirvana here. Don’t miss the marine spectacle of snorkelling amidst turtles.

  • Salamanca: Experience life in this vibrant fishing hamlet. The pristine beach and two eateries beckon, and when the winds rise, kitesurfers take the stage.

  • Praia Grande: Drive along roads flanked by Saharan dunes with the ocean’s majesty on full display. However, the currents are strong, so swimming is advised against.

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