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African Caribbean vibes in Cape verde

Relax, take a deep breath and enter your holiday mode in Sal. The golden sand beaches, soothing waves and beautiful sunsets are daily views on the island. Tourism in Cape Verde started here already in the 1970’s. Due to the many all-inclusive resorts Sal has the highest amount of tourists arriving every year. It’s a year-round great place for a beach vacation with day time temperatures never below 23 degrees.

Santa Maria

This fishing village grew out to the main tourist village of the country, but it always kept its authentic atmosphere. Wander around the cobble stone roads of Santa Maria, get your hair braided in the African Salon, have an Italian ice-cream, a Brazilian Caipirinha and a fresh caught Cape Verdean tuna fish. The mixture of culture and people feels very welcoming. Staying in a local guesthouse or apartment will connect you easier with the culture than staying in an all-inclusive resort.

sal santa maria


As one of the oldest Cape Verdean islands Sal has flattened over the years. The landscapes are dry and desert like with rough inlands and volcanic rocks. Unfortunately there is little rainfall to provide the land from much needed water. The South part of the island is known for golden beaches, with sand blown from the Sahara desert. Sal isn’t the best island for nature lovers, but sun-seekers will be more than pleased with its amazing beaches.

salt mines sal

Float on water in the salt mines of Pedra de Lume

Highlights of Sal

  • Santa Maria: relax in one of the beach clubs, get into the no-stress vibe, listen to live music with lobster dinner and stroll down the main road. 

  • Ponta Preta: the favorite spot of Cape Verdean surf worldchampions. Spectacular waves in winter time and year-round an unspoilt white sandy beach with 2 beach restaurants. 

  • Kite beach: an amazing spot to learn kitesurfing with onshore wind. Practice with the local teachers and champions. In summer time the place to spot turtles nest on the beach at night. 

  • Murdeira: a quiet area to stay in hotel-apartment by the rocky coastline. There a lovely bays for snorkeling and surfing. 

  • Espargos: the capital city is the trade centre of the island and is expanding fast. Most of the local inhabitants live here, so this is a good place to visit if you want to feel the local vibe. 

  • Shark Bay: a nursery reef for lemon sharks on the East coast of Sal. A must visit if you’d like to walk in between the harmless baby sharks. 

  • Buracona: a coastline site famous for its natural pools and the Blue Eye Cave Cape Verde. In summer time the sunlights hits the cave at the right spot and creates a shimmery blue shade reflecting in the water. Best seen between 10:30-14:00. In winter time the crashing waves on the rocks are a spectacular sight. 

  • Mirage: spot a Fata Morgana or mirage in the driest area of the land, Terra Boa. The hot surface and strong sunlight create the shape of water in an optical illusion. 

  • Pedra de Lume: the salt mines and lakes are definitely the highlight of the island and the main tourist attraction of Cape Verde. The salt mines were an important export product, but are now only used as a bathing place. The high salt level in the lakes makes you float and it works a treat for your skin.

Where to stay

Explore the Easy Ways to Travel in and out of Sal Island

Welcome to Sal Island, the vibrant heart of Cape Verde, known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and welcoming atmosphere. Regarding transportation, Sal Island boasts the most significant international airport in the country, making it a gateway to Cape Verde's beauty. Here, we'll guide you through the various transportation options to and from this stunning island.


International flights to Sal

Sal Island's international airport has been connecting the Cape Verdean islands to the world for decades way before the other Cape Verdean islands. It receives the highest number of tourists annually, offering direct daily flight connections to many European countries. Travellers often find flights to Sal more affordable, thanks to lower airport taxes and multiple airline options. This makes Sal an accessible and attractive location for travelers.

Domestic transport to Sal

Sal receives daily connections from domestic flights with airline Cabo verde airlines (TACV) to the capital Praia on Santiago island and 4 times a week from São Vicente. There are occasional flights available for those looking to explore São Nicolau and Boa Vista.

While flying is the most common way to reach Sal Island, some travellers prefer the scenic route by sea. It's worth noting that ferry travel is possible but can be time-consuming. Daily connections aren't guaranteed, so purchasing tickets from CV Interilhas in advance is best to secure your journey.

Travel duration by ferry
Palmeira, Sal - Sal Rei, Boa Vista : 4 hours (2,5 hours by fast ferry)
Palmeira, Sal - Praia, Santiago : 10 hours

Palmeira, Sal - Mindelo, São Vicente : 14 hours

Travel duration by plane 

Sal (SID) - Praia, Santiago (RAI) : 45 minutes

Sal (SID)Boa Vista (BVC) : 15 minutes (only seasonal connections)

Sal (SID) - São Vicente (VXE) : 40 minutes


Discover the Convenience of Travel with Cabo Mundo

As you plan your trip to or from Sal Island, consider the convenience and reliability of our tourist services. We specialize in making your travel experience smooth and enjoyable, whether arriving on Sal Island or exploring the other beautiful islands of Cape Verde. We offer comfortable and efficient transportation options, ensuring that your journey is hassle-free. Our services include airport transfers, activities, and ferry ticket booking assistance. 

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