Cape Verde is an upcoming tourism destination that has way more to offer than beach holidays only. Get to know the cultural city Mindelo, go hiking in tropical valleys in Santo Antão, learn kitesurfing on clear blue water or swim with turtles in their natural habitat... 

The beaches are amazing, the sunsets magical, the local people hospitable, the villages colorful and the ocean clear and inviting...


Are you ready for fun activities in São Vicente, discover the wilderness and meet the local Cape Verdian culture? Scroll down below to see all offers Cabo Mundo has in store for you! ;-)

Best experiences:

Sao Vicente


Visit all the islands highlights in 1 day!

Explore all the hidden spots in the cultural city Mindelo!


A once in a lifetime experience: snorkel with turtles in their natural environment!

Santo Antao 

Sit back, relax and book your activities with Cabo Mundo!