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Weather & climate

The archipalego knows an pleasant tropical dry climate all year round. The temperatures don't get as high as on the African mainland, but vary between 24°C and 31°C because of the ocean who reduces the temperatures.


The desert islands Sal, Boa Vista and Maio have the highest temperatures and the least amount of rain. These islands are nearest to the African continent and deal with a strong sun during the summer months.


The mountain islands Santo Antão, São Nicolau, Santiago, Brava and Fogo have got their own microclimate, because of the clouds and mist that condensate against the mountainsides and provide the vegetation with water.


We can't really say that Cape Verde has a rainy season, since the amount of rainy days only varies between 6 and 18 days per year. The rain can fall between August and October. If it rains, it will be short, but strong rain showers with on the desert islands still not a big amount of rain. Caution: in September the rain showers can cause stormy days and floods, also on the desert islands.


The mountain islands have a bit more rain, but only on the North-east side. On this part you'll find green, tropical vegetation with small rivers and waterfalls and on the other side of the mountain a dry, barren moon landscape.


The reason behind this is the wind who falls under influence of the Northeast trade-wind and mostly always blows from this wind direction.This wind is least present in the summertime between June and October. On days when it's windless the temperatures can rise and you'll feel the burning sun a lot more. In the wintertime between November and March, the wind blows quite constant. The sea breeze creates a pleasant tropical winter climate with temperature between 21°C and 26°C. Because of the constant wind the destination is becoming more popular by many kite- and windsurfers. 


Because of the tropical climate the sea water temperatures stay between 23°C and 27°C. This makes swimming and practising water sports enjoyable year round and possible without wetsuit.