Highlights of São Vicente 

Make the most out of your stay on Saõ Vicente by visiting the places of interest on the island. Colourful fishermen's villages, rugged coastlines, local beaches, the scenery road along the volcano hills, the vibrant capital city Mindelo and the highest mountain Monte Verde with its spectacular 360° viewpoint.


Mindelo is the biggest city on the island and the cultural heart of Cape Verde. The sheltered harbour makes the city interesting as a mid Atlantic hub for sailors and ships. Find well preserved colonial houses in pastel colors throughout the lively historical centre. You'll experience the local streetlife and the musical vibes in the little bars and restaurants. Laginha beach is the perfect place to watch a sunset with a caipirinha . 


TIP: To explore the Cape Verdean authenticity out of the city centre, we offer a cultural walking tour in the local areas. Read more about the cultural tours.



This sleepy fishermen's village comes alive at weekends when locals leave Mindelo and spend their weekends by the sea. Find the turtle shelter for injured sea turtles and enjoy the view on the uninhabited island Santa Luzia.


TIP: Have lunch with fresh fish in the local Restaurant Hamburg. Join us on an island tour and get the lunch included!


Monte Verde

The highest mountain on the island is Monte Verde (green mountain). The landscape in the nature reserve only turns green after the rainfall but the agriculture is done all year around. After a short drive to the top, visitors are treated with a panoramic 360° view on Mindelo city and the wild East coastline. 


TIP: Try out the local tea and liquor from Mr Michael. He cultivates herbs at the mountain top and brews tasty liquids from them. 


Baia das Gatas

Baia das Gatas is a cosy sunbathing village where people come to relax on the beach and in their second holiday house. It's home to the yearly well known Baia das Gatas international music festival. The natural pool is easily accessible from the pier and safe for children to swim. 


TIP: Bring snorkeling gear and take a look at colourful fish swimming around corals and rocks. 


São Pedro

Visit the unspoilt beach in the bay of Sao Pedro. This fishermen's village is growing in tourism development and offers a few cosy restaurants and bars by the beach. For windsurfers and bodyboarders Sao Pedro is the spot on the island. The hike to the Don Amelia lighthouse shows spectacular views on the bay. 


TIP: Dive in the water and go snorkeling with sea turtles in their natural environment. Read more about snorkeling with turtles.



This colourful fishing village in the North of the island shows the authentic way of living in Cape Verde. The beach is unspoilt and has 2 beach restaurants / kite schools. On windy days Salamansa is a great spot for kitesurfing


TIP: Try the famous French pancakes in the beach club La Crêperie. 


Praia Grande 

Enjoy the white sand dunes of Praia Grande. The Sahara sand blew all the way from the African continent and formed white beaches and dunes along the coastline. Follow the scenery road for spectacular views on the coastline and old vulcano's. Praia Grande is mainly a surf beach and swimming is not recommended due to strong currents.


TIP: Take pictures on the sand dunes as a beautiful memory.


Vulcão Viana 

This inactive volcano lays hidden in the landscape next to Calhau village. The volcano is well kept over the years and the crater accessible for visitors. From the top you are treated with great views over the coastline. 


TIP: Join us on a hiking trip with a local guide. Visit the volcano crater, enjoy a local lunch and learn more about the landscape.