Cachupa workshop

The most delicious Cachupa is freshly made on a wooden stove by a Cape Verdean family in their own place. Cachupa is a fundamental part of Cape Verdean culture and is eaten fried for breakfast with eggs or as a soup for lunch and dinner. The base of the fresh stew has corn, beans, pork meat and other veggies like sweet potato, carrots and kale. A must-try while visiting the islands!


The beginning of the Cachupa journey starts with the ingredients. In Mindelo centre you'll visit the colourful vegetable markets. A great way to learn about the culture and new foods. Walk to Otilia's restaurant in the local area Monte Sossego to prepare the ingredients all together and start cooking. Make another small tour in the Carnaval neighbourhood Ribeira Bote while the cachupa is on the stove. Come back to enjoy a tasty, homemade lunch!



Rates per person