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Kizomba dance class

Dance Kizomba with the locals!

Take your first Kizomba steps in a private 1,5 hour session with a local teacher and feel the sensual dance moves

Kizomba is originating from Angola and has influenced the music culture in Cape verde. The Cape Verdean Kizomba or Zouk is often danced in the many music bars and discos. Did you know that music and dance are very important elements in Cape Verdean culture? Most locals dance, sing or play a musical instrument. The country is said to have produced one of the most artists on a global scale.

❌ The taxi is not included in the price (4€ round-trip)


☑️ 1,5 hour basic Kizomba steps

Prices per person

🎫 €50 (price per class 2-3 persons)

🎫 €80 (price per class 4+ persons)

Kizomba's history

Kizomba is a popular couples dance and music genre that originated in Angola during the late 1970s. It has strong influences from traditional Angolan Semba music, other African rhythms and elements of Caribbean zouk music. Kizomba is characterized by its slow and sensual movements, close connection between partners, and intricate footwork.

While Kizomba originated in Angola, it has gained widespread popularity in many countries, including Cape Verde.

Kizomba in Cape Verde

Kizomba has found its place within the cultural landscape of Cape Verde, often blending with the country's own musical traditions.

Cape Verde has been contributing to the development of the broader Kizomba dance and music scene. Cape Verdean musicians and dancers have added their own unique flavor to Kizomba, creating a fusion that incorporates elements from their own culture and the wider African diaspora.

Overall, Kizomba has become a global phenomenon with various regional variations and influences, and Cape Verde has played a big part in shaping its evolution.

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