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Island tour Sao Vicente

All the places of interest in 1 day!

São Vicente island offers a unique mix of cultural experiences, beautiful landscapes, unspoilt beaches and a lively music scene. The main hotspot is Mindelo, but outside the city there are more authentic places to visit:

From breathtaking viewpoints over Mindelo city to small fishermen villages like Salamansa, rough inlands, crystal clear water in Baia das Gatas, rocky ocean bays, the top of the highest mountain Monte Verde and scenery roads along the coast to Calhau. This trip is definitely recommended to discover the diverse character of Sao Vicente! 

Good to know: We mainly provide private or small group tours in a pick-up truck or mini van.


☑️ Liquor and tea degustation on the highest mountain Monte Verde

☑️ Swim stop in Baia das Gatas natural pool 

☑️ Lunch with 1 soft drink/beer, dessert and coffee/tea

☑️ Caipirinha cocktail on a floating bar in the harbour of Mindelo

Prices per person

🎫 €85 (2 persons) 

🎫 €70 (4+ persons) 

🎫 €42,50 per child (under 12)

Landscape of Sao Vicente

Here are some key aspects of São Vicente's landscape:

Coastline: The island is blessed with a picturesque coastline that offers beautiful beaches, rocky cliffs, and secluded areas. The sandy beaches, such as São Pedro and Praia Grande are popular for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. The cliffs and rocky formations provide dramatic scenery and are often admired by visitors.

Mountains: the mountainous terrains on the island are often covered with vegetation, including shrubs and low-lying plants, creating a striking contrast against the arid plains. 

Barren terrains: much of São Vicente is characterized by arid plains and semi-desert landscapes. The island has a dry climate, with little rainfall and sparse vegetation. This arid environment contributes to the unique charm of the island.

Volcanic origins: like all the islands in Cape Verde, São Vicente has volcanic origins. Although the island isn’t currently volcanically active, evidence of past volcanic activity can be seen in its rugged topography and the presence of volcanic rock formations. 

Valleys: they are characterized by fertile land and small agricultural plots where local farmers cultivate crops such as corn, beans, cabbage and vegetables. Sweet water is sparse so the main agriculture food supplies are brought in from the greener, neighbour island Santo Antao. 

Highlights of Sao Vicente visited on the island tour:

Monte Verde: the highest point on São Vicente reaches 744 metres above sea level. The mountain offers panoramic views of the island and the surrounding ocean. Don’t forget to enjoy the local liquor tasting at the top!

Praia Grande: a picturesque beach on the northern coast. It is known for its golden sands, clear blue waters, and dramatic rock formations. The scenery road along the dunes is unique. 

Baía das Gatas: a popular beach with natural pool areas great for snorkeling. It is famous for its annual music festival, which attracts both local and international artists. 

Calhau: primarily a fishing village where you can witness the traditional fishing activities and observe the colorful fishing boats anchored along the shore. A great lookout point of the uninhabited island of Santa Luzia. The inland valley of Calhau is greener and great for agriculture. 

Salamansa: a coastal fishing village with a more tranquil lifestyle than the bustling city life in Mindelo. The beach is relatively secluded and has great conditions for kitesurfing. 

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