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Cultural city tour Mindelo

Local street art tour in Mindelo

The historic centre of Mindelo is the eye-catcher on the island, but the true Cape Verdean spirit is found in the local neighbourhoods. Discover how the locals really live from close by, take pictures of the local street arts and get in touch with the locals. Visit areas like Monte Sossego and the musical Ribeira Bote, the home of the Mandinga’s on Sao Vicente with lots of activities during Carnaval.


☑️ Lunch with dessert in a local restaurant

☑️ Entrance to Cesaria Evora's museum

Prices per person

🎫 €45 (2-3 persons) 

🎫 €35 (4+ persons) 

🎫 €22.5 per child (under 12)

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