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Tips & tricks São Vicente

This page is meant to give you some to-do ideas while visiting Sao Vicente. It's a personal summary of recommendations and places.

São Vicente

  • Have lunch or breakfast in La Pergola, a healthy French restaurant in an indoor garden 
  • Dine in Casa Café Mindelo for good food, service and live music 
  • Climb the mountain of the old fortress Fortim del Rei for great views over Mindelo city
  • Visit the covered vegetable- and fruitmarket and fishmarket 
  • Climb the replica of the tower of Belem and learn about the rich maritime history in the museum
  • Jump in the clear blue water of Baia das Gatas 
  • Go kitesurfing in Salamansa
  • Admire the views over the uninhabited Island Santa Luzia from the fisher village Calhau
  • Enjoy a day on the beach of Laginha and finish the day by sunset in Caravela restaurant
  • Take the impressive walk on the rocks to the lighthouse Dona Amelia in São Pedro