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Tips & tricks Cape Verde

This page is meant to give you some to-do ideas on the different islands. It's my personal summary of recommendations and places I enjoyed visiting. You'll find a full image of the islands on the page travel stories.


  • Get breakfast or lunch in Cape Fruit and enjoy fresh, local products and healthy smoothies (suitable for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free options). 
  • Taste the local dish Cachupa in Cafe Criolo
  • Dine in a traditional Cape Verdean styled restaurant next to the waves crashing on the rocks in hotel Odjo d'Agua 
  • Drink a caïpirinha on the beach by Quiosk Brasileiro, a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset together with locals and other tourists
  • Discover the Blue eye, Buracona in the caves by the ocean 
  • Float in the famous salt lakes of Pedra de Lume
  • Admire the fata morgana (illusion of seeing an oasis) in the dry area Terra Boa
  • Learn to kitesurf with world champions on Kitebeach
  • Dance the night away in Ocean Cafe or Buddy Bar

Boa Vista

  • Get a €5 breakfast in Te Manche by the fishermans pier, with a view over the typical boats in the Sal Rei bay
  • Enjoy the sunset with a caïpirinha in Windsurfclub
  • Dine in a cosy, locally styled restaurant Cabo Cafe
  • Try a new watersport on the flat water in the bay of Sal Rei 
  • Dream away on the unspoilt dreamy white beach of Santa Monica 
  • Try sandboarding on the high sand dunes in the Viana desert
  • Take a mandatory tourist photo by the shipwreck up North 
  • Feel the adrenaline and explore the Island by quad or buggy
  • Dance on reggae music in Morabeza reggae night (every Monday in the winter)
  • Enjoy some live music in Siroco on Thursday or in Esplanada on Friday and Saturday 

Santo Antão

  • Have some good food in comfy restaurants Caleta and Gato Preto in Ponta do Sol
  • Take by arrival or departure the old mountain way with direction Ribeira Grande and Ponta do Sol
  • Go hiking in the beautiful green valleys of Paul and Ribeira da Torre
  • Discover how the grogue and ponche are made in one of the distilleries
  • Admire the colourful wallpainting of Cesaria Evora in Ribeira Grande
  • Walk along amazing views and rocky coastlines from Ponta do Sol to Cruzinha, and see Fontainhas a small pretty village
  • For a relaxing stay after all the walking, book a room in Coracão Ponta do Sol with swimming pool, amazings views and good service

São Vicente

  • Have lunch or breakfast in La Pergola, a healthy French restaurant in an indoor garden 
  • Dine in Casa Café Mindelo for good food, service and live music 
  • Climb the mountain of the old fortress Fortim del Rei for great views over Mindelo city
  • Visit the covered vegetable- and fruitmarket and fishmarket 
  • Climb the replica of the tower of Belem and learn about the rich maritime history in the museum
  • Jump in the clear blue water of Baia das Gatas 
  • Go kitesurfing in Salamansa
  • Admire the views over the uninhabited Island Santa Luzia from the fisher village Calhau
  • Enjoy a day on the beach of Laginha and finish the day by sunset in Caravelha 
  • If you stay in São Pedro, make sure to make the impressive walk on the rocks to the lighthouse Dona Amelia

São Nicolao

  • Have a local lunch/diner in restaurant Black Fish club with views over the black volcano beach of Tarrafal
  • Admire one of Cape Verdes miracles, the rocks of Carbeirinho shaped in a special way because of erosion and wind 
  • Visit the natural parc with the mountain Monte Gordo and walk to the highest point of the island
  • Go back in time in Preguiça, where you can see cannons and remains of an old fortress
  • Visit Pensão Jardim for a delicious local lunch with panoramic views over the capital Ribeira Brava
  • Walk along the coast (1h30) or take a taxi to the hidden white beach Baixa Rocha, next to Tarrafal
  • It's best to stay in Tarrafal, it's close to the beach and you'll find the most touristic facilities


  • Have some nice Italian food in Tuttifrutti, a restaurant in the main street
  • Discover the Island by quad, this is the easiest and most adventurous way 
  • Admire one of the colourful sunsets from Tortuga beach club
  • Step into a local bar and try some Ponche or Grogue
  • Walk to the Ponta Preta beach to enjoy the sunset 
  • Walk along the white beaches to the salt lakes by the edge of Vila do Maio
  • For the best stay with an amazing infinity pool, book an appartment by Stella Maris


  • Make a day trip to Cidade Velha to see its old cathedral remains, have lunch by the rocks next to the ocean, see the old slave trade pole and walk through the cosy street Rua de Bananas. 
  • Spend a day in hotel Vulcão in Cidade Velha, with buffet restaurant, swimming pool and natural pool between the ocean rocks
  • Explore the old town centre of Praia on the platform, walk past the old cannons, the military and have a drink on the main square
  • Buy fresh fruits like mangos and papayas on the famous fruit- and vegetable market
  • Spend a nice afternoon on the beach of Kebra Canela
  • Have some food in Mirage restaurant next to the water by Praia shopping VIP.
  • Spend a few days in the beach bay of Tarrafal. Little known by tourists, but considered one of the best beaches in the country.


  • Visit the capital São Filipe with its old colonnial houses and fortress with cannons
  • Take a mandatory photo by the welcome sign of Fogo natural parc
  • Visit one of the vineyards in the crater of the volcano
  • Climb the active volcano (2829m) by foot or partly by car
  • Relax on the black volcano beach in São Filipe