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Turtle watching

Turtles are without a doubt the most popular symbol of Cape Verde. This archipelago is one of the most important areas in the world for the turtles to come and lay their eggs on the many beaches. The Caretta Caretta turtle is one of the species we find here the most. The mother turtle will come to the beach, dig a whole for her eggs and after, more or less 60 days, the turtles will hatch. The conservationists will take the eggs to a safe space called a hatchery. Here they are safe from predators, people who want to take them and this fights against extinction. The eggs will be watched carefully so they have a better chance of surviving.

The nesting season is between beginning of July until mid October, the month were the most turtles come on the beaches to lay their eggs is August. In September and October the eggs hatch and you can see the babies in one of the hatcheries.