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São Pedro experience

Hiking trip & snorkeling with turtles

Coastline view on the hike to the lighthouse


Make the most out of your visit in São Pedro village. The little fishermen's village lays in a sheltered bay and has a beautiful beach with clear ocean water. This day trip combines all Sao Pedro's fun elements: hiking, beach time, local vibes and swimming with turtles! You'll feel refreshed after a sunny day by the ocean. To make the day complete you get to enjoy lunch with the catch of the day fish in a cosy beach restaurant. 


  • Arrival in the bay of São Pedro to the start point of the hike
  • 1,5 hour cliff coast hike to the lighthouse Don Amelia and back 
  • Walk to São Pedro village on the beach 
  • Lunch is served in a local beach restaurant
  • Short boat ride to the place where the turtles swim
  • Snorkeling with the turtles
  • Transfer back to Mindelo


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