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Kitesurfing Sao Vicente

Follow the wind to Salamansa!



In Boa Vista you have a wide range on offers for any watersports, great spots depending on your experience level. Get to know Boa Vista from the clear, blue water and go out for wave surfing, wind surfing or kite surfing and discover this gorgeous island with its beautiful nature. The temperature is almost always pleasant, even in the winter, this makes it the ideal destination for any kind of watersports. The summer is better for advanced wave surfers and for beginners there are spots the whole year around. The winter is better for wind surfers and kite surfers due to the constant strong wind from October until April/May.


Surfers from different categories are coming to Cape Verde. Because of the many facilities and the various surf locations everyone can surf or learn how to surf at their own pace:

  • Body boarding: You will have a short board for a bit more stability and you will rest your upper body on the board. You don't need to know a lot of technical things which makes it easy to try even when the waves are not so high.
  • Sup (stand up paddling):  With stand up paddling you have a large surfboard and a special paddle to make your way through the water. It's easy to learn but requires good balance, this is why it's good for your body. Stand up paddling is a good alternative for when there is not much wind and smaller waves.
  • Wind surfing: You will have a board where you can fit a sail on. Under the surfboard you have fins for more stability. For this type of watersports you don't need waves, but as the name mentions, you do need wind.
  • Kite surfing: Cape Verde well known as the ideal kite surf destination. With kite surfing you will use a smaller board, with our without straps and you will move forward because of the kite. You need a bit more technique but not so much strength. With enough wind you can make nice jumps. It might not seem that way, but kite surfing is easier than wave surfing.


Are you looking for a good spot to rent equipment? Or are you looking for recommendations or a good school? Please feel free to contact us so we can assist you in any way!