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Scuba diving Sao Vicente

Explore Sao Vicente's mysterious waters!


Because we are situated in the Atlantic ocean, there is a big range of underwater life around the island. Because of this, there is an increased interest of people who are coming to Cape Verde for diving.

In these waters you can find, barracuda's, tuna, lobster, different species of sharks, manta rays, and turtles.

There is hardly any rainy days in Cape Verde, and for the best underwater views we recommend you to go diving in the summer.

In a fun way, you will learn more about the different interesting underwater animals. In front of the coast are some shipwrecks where you can find many different species. In some open water parts, you will find shoals of fish, deep cliffs where you will be able to see lobsters, morenas and beautiful coral reefs where a turtle might pass you by.

Boa Vista has many spots to offer for all different levels. It's a great spot to have your first experience, get a refreshment course or to go for a full PADI course.

Below you will find the main courses and the option for diving only. Would you like to have some extra information or about different courses, please feel free to contact us.